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Emma provide a focused approach to learning and individualise the process to the needs of the child. We underpin what the child has been taught in school, as well offering other ways to the same goal, giving the child additional confidence in their learning abilities.

Leading your child to success

Educational consultation is a valuable investment to any child’s education and success, whether preparing for entrance exams or college degree.

Primary Secondary Educational Advice

Educational Strategy

Studying in UK

University application

University search, placement and advice
Personal Statements
Interview Preparation
Free of Charge for
Supporting foreign students to find accommodations and their living advice

Study Anywhere

Book A Free Assessment

Each tuition programme begins with a free assessment that is designed to fully understand the needs and areas of improvement for your child. The initial assessment allows us to gain a greater understanding of your child, their personality, behaviours, and learning styles. This will then go on to inform the tuition we offer to improve your child’s educational performance and skill base.

Book a free assessment today by filling in the form here, we look forward to welcoming you into our local centre!